5 Great Blogs (That Aren’t On My BlogRoll)

There are more good blogs than I know what to do with. When I first began my site I linked to just about every site I felt was worth reading. I found, though, that the more sites I listed, the less the list meant. If I was willing to list everyone I came across, the it really didn’t mean much. So slowly I began to cull the list of names, cutting it down to less than half. I wanted to make sure that I listed only those sites that meant a lot to me – sites that have really touched me. The list is currently 11 names long. Beyond that there is a short group of friends I actually know (not to insinuate that I don’t find their blogs meaningful – I link to them because they are friends, not because of their content). I visit each of the sites on my list every day.

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Now there is a problem with my insistence on keeping a tight list – it means that I hesitate to add any more sites. There are some other sites out there that I’d love to add, but I really don’t want to have one of those sites that has a list 50, 80 or 120 names long. Some of those sites are easily worthy of a daily visit – but I’m at a crossroads of whether I should keep my BlogRoll to a short, compact list or whether I should expand it. So while I decide, I am going to say thank you to some of the writers whose work has impacted me by linking you in this post (and I’ll thank some others next week).

  1. Dead Man Blogging – This could be one of my top blogs, if only the author (Robert) woud update it a little more. He has been updating on only a weekly basis recently. If he starts updating again I’ll almost definitely add it to my list.
  2. TulipGirl – It seems I am one of the few bloggers who has not linked TulipGirl. Maybe it’s because she writes about motherhood (and breastfeeding and so on) just a little bit too much for my comfort! She is Reformed, friendly and personal and updates on a near-daily basis. I can’t think of a good reason not to add her to my list…
  3. Sovereign God Blog – Here’s another classic example of a site with great content that just doesn’t get updated enough. The posts that are there are Biblically and theologically sound and always make me think.
  4. What In Tarnation – Another great site that gets updated often. Christopher is a third-grade teacher and always has great things to share, generally either about Christianity or technology.
  5. What Is This – I used to link to this blog but somehow the link disappeared. Obviously I never put it back. James writes about life – generally updating every couple of days. He is like me and likes to change the look of his site every couple of months!