A Prayer Request

AbbyThis is my daughter Abby. She is 18 months old and tomorrow we are taking her to the hospital for surgery. She has a rather large cyst and though they are quite convinced it is harmless, the doctors would like to take it out. Eventually, they figure, it will get quite uncomfortable for her and may rupture and cause infection. The cyst is just under the skin so will not require any major digging-around to get it out.

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So though the operation is low-risk, it still involves general anesthetic. Thus I am asking for you to remember Abby in your prayers tomorrow, not only for the operation but for the recovery as well. She is a very active child and it may be difficult for her to take it easy long enough to properly recover. The operation begins at 8 AM EST and is slated to last a couple of hours. She is expected to remain in hospital overnight and return home on Saturday.