Basic Christianity (Christianity 101)

At the request of a few people, I have begun a series examining the basic teachings of Christianity. Consider it something of a “Christianity 101.” The series is intended for two main audiences. The first is people who are not Christians and are seeking to know something about this faith. The second is people who are Christians but may have only a basic knowledge of Christianity. In order to reach these audiences, I have purposely avoided using “Christianese” words and phrases and have done my best to avoid using concepts that have not yet been explained.

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Here are the articles thus far:

  1. Basic Christianity Part One- Ground Rules & Presuppositions
  2. Basic Christianity Part Two – Introduction
  3. Basic Christianity Part Three – What is God?
  4. Basic Christianity Part Four – The Trinity
  5. Basic Christianity Part Five – God’s Revelation
  6. Basic Christianity Part Six – The Bible
  7. Basic Christianity Part Seven – Creation

I am attempting to write at least one article per week. I expect there to be at least another ten articles in this series.