Canada’s Hate Crimes Legislation

Bill C-250 passed through the senate with a 59-11 vote in favor. Barely a whisper of this event was heard in the news or printed in the media. The legislation is now awaiting just the royal rubber-stamp before it becomes law.

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This law adds homosexuals to the list of people protected by Canada’s hate crimes legislation.

Naturally Christians opposed this bill, believing that it would eventually lead to persecution for anyone preaching Biblical views on homosexuality. The impact of this law on free speech and freedom of religion will become apparent in the months to come.

I received the following article via email and have not been able to find a source to site for it. If you know who wrote it or where else it is posted, please let me know so I can properly cite it.

Paul Martin and his Liberal team adopted Private Member’s Bill C-250 and pushed it through the Senate to become law just in time to pave the way for a new election. Now criticism of the redefinition of marriage may be a criminal offense punishable by up to two years in prison. The president of
Canada Christian College and the Canada Family Action Coalition, Dr. Charles
McVety states “People of faith and good will across the nation are deeply
disturbed by such draconian measures to silence religious and moral teaching
related to sex outside marriage therefore I am urging all Canadians not to
vote for Members of Parliament who passed this new law”.

The latest Compass poll “Same Sex Marriage as a Sleeper Issue” reported that
only 31% of Canadians support Parliament legally changing the definition of
marriage. It is painfully obvious that 31% will not elect anyone with a
majority mandate. By having Bill C-250 pass the Prime Minister made sure
that freedom of religion would not be exercised during his re-election bid.
However Dr. McVety states that the “Charter of Rights and Freedoms
supercedes Bill C-250 and promises freedom of religion, therefore people of
faith are free to express their concerns. He also says a court challenge on
the validity of new law is currently being discussed and will be launched as
early as possible”.

The new law is severely flawed on many counts. Bill C-250:
1) gives protection to anti-Semitism by adding the defense “if the statement
… is based on belief in a religious text”.
2) outlaws teaching that sex outside of marriage is wrong,
3) protects all types of sexual deviancies as it does not give a definition
to “sexual orientation”.
4) allows anyone to charge you with a criminal indictment. Most laws
require the police to levy a charge.
5) can imprison you if you are “likely” guilty. Usually evidence must prove
that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
6) is contradictory for it provides a legal method to attack people of
7) contravenes fundamental democratic principles such as freedom of

Dr. McVety believes the chilling effect of “Fahrenheit 451” style
legislation is the most onerous element of this plan. Many citizens may
take heed to the threat of incarceration and not express their positions in
public discourse. In addition he says section 320 of the criminal code will
be used extensively to remove the Bible and other scriptures from public
places for you cannot have “criminal” documents in a government building”.
Welcome to Canada’s “Brave New World.”

Proponents of the bill say that it only gives protection for homosexuals and
lesbians against hateful assault. Dr. McVety states that “this Bill is not
about violence. It only addresses speech and words in print. All people of
good will are against violence as these concerns are already addressed in
other parts of the criminal code of Canada.”

The only hope for freedom in this nation is for Canadians to stand up and
vote principled Members of Parliament into office to rescind bill C-250
thereby restoring fundamental democratic principles such as freedom of

Alarmist or prophetic? Only time will tell…