Debate: Pagitt versus DeWaay

For all the discussion created by and about the Emerging Church there has been precious little formal debate about the important issues at stake. I know of pastors or theologians who have attempted to debate the issues only to have their requests refused. Finally, though, we are about to see a significant debate.

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On January 20, 2006 Bob DeWaay and Doug Pagitt will debate “The Emergent Church and Postmodern Spirituality: Dangerous Trends or Necessary Changes for Evangelicalism?” DeWaay is pastor of Twin City Fellowship and has written articles critical of the Emerging Church. Pagitt is pastor of Solomon’s Porch and has authored several books including Church Re-Imagined and Reimagining Spiritual Formation.

The debate will take place at Twin City Fellowship in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There will be no admittance charge and there is no advance registration. They hope to have CD and DVD recordings of the debate available soon afterwards.

I am glad to learn of this debate and trust that it will prove beneficial. It is my prayer that both men accurately represent their views and that the Bible may be held as the ultimate authority. I wish I could be present to enjoy the debate!

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