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Desiring God has launched their new web site. While the site design has not changed drastically, it is a little bit cleaner and a tad more contemporary. The changes are evolutionary rather than revolutionary, and this is often a good thing. But behind the design lurk some great new features. Rather than describe them myself, I will provide the brief summary supplied by the webmaster.

We are pleased to announce the new, which we have redesigned from the ground up. We invite you to enjoy our new site and offer you this quick summary of what is new to help get you started.

Our New Site is Easier to Use

First, you will find our new website even easier to use. We want you thinking hard about what we have to say in our sermons and messages–not about how to use our site. You will find improved organization and navigation that allows you to:

  • Always know where you are on the site, and quickly get from one spot to another
  • Discover related content more easily
  • Browse our resources and products in multiple ways, such as our sermons by date, Scripture text, series, topic, occasion, or title
  • See what resources we recommend as most fully articulating our essential ideas, many featured with short audio excerpts to help give you the big picture.
  • Explore an improved topic index
  • View your search results in tabs for each site section
  • Find helpful additional information on our more detailed product pages
  • Purchase, donate, and register for conferences more easily
  • Set up an account and manage your account information more easily
  • Learn about our ministry more easily in About Us

Our New Site Has More Content

Second, you will find an even more complete library of John Piper’s resources. We have added much additional content and several new types of content in our Resource Library. You can:

  • Listen to 25 years of John Piper’s sermon audio
  • Watch videos of the sermon each week (and over the next several months we will post our entire 4-year video archive)
  • Move quickly among the audio, video, and manuscript of a message in a single interface
  • Listen to and watch the messages in a new media player
  • Begin to find more than 200 previously unposted articles and “lost” sermons, as we post them over the next several months
  • Listen to audio questions and answers
  • Listen to and watch audio and video message excerpts
  • Subscribe to our weekly sermon podcast (coming soon) and daily radio podcast

Our goal has always been to serve you by providing God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper. Now we hope that you will find that content even more accessible and easier to use.

As a web designer I understand the difficulties inherent in upgrading such a massive site. I know also of the inevitable complaints and criticism they will receive, for people tend to react negatively (and often blindly) to change. Still, I think they did a good job on this upgrade and am confident that the site will continue to serve the Christian community. Well done, Desiring God!

Desiring God National Conference News

Here is some related news. The Desiring God National Conference has sold out. I remember noting last year that, while the main part of the auditorium was filled, there were many seats available in the overflow seating. This year they will be full!

The conference organizers write:

We rejoice that so many of you will be with us, yet we also regret that more cannot attend. If you are interested in being added to a waiting list, please contact us at 1.888.346.4700.

Please keep praying for this event, that God would be glorified and his people blessed. Audio of the conference sessions will be made available for free online just a few days after the conference.

NOTE: There will be no on-site or walk-in registration.