Gibson’s Next Movie

Apologies for not writing anything too exciting the past couple of days. I have been involved in quite a large Web project and it has kept me just a little too busy. It is going to wrap up tomorrow so hopefully I will then have some more time to do real writing.

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Now to the news…

A group of Franciscan friars are petitioning Mel Gibson to make his next movie a biographical film of the life of Francis of Assisi. They have already gathered well over 10,000 names on their petition. It has been widely speculated, based on what Gibson has said, that his next movie will cover the Macabeean rebellion (a historical account that is written about in the apocryphal books of 1 & 2 Macabees). Whether Macabees or Francis of Assisi, it should be interesting to see what Gibson decides to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars given to him largely by the Protestant churches.