More About Mel Gibson’s Next Movie

There seems to be lots of controversy about what Mel Gibson’s next project will be. It is known that before The Passion of the Christ became a blockbuster he was planning on making a fourth installment of Mad Max, the movie that launched his career and made him a Hollywood superstar. Having now become a hero of the Christian world and having alienated much of his non-Christian audience, it would seem that might be a bad idea.

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There have been unconfirmed reports that he was planning a film of the story of the Macabbean rebellion that occured shortly before the time of Jesus. Gibson expressed interest in this subject but has not confirmed that he was going to proceed with a movie.

Yesterday I posted a link to a group of Franciscan Friars who are petitioning Gibson to make his next movie a biography of Francis of Assisi.

Variety has now reported that he is planning to produce an epic movie about Boudicca, a peasant girl who rose from obscurity to become a military leader, eventually leading the Celtic tribes of Britain against Rome. As with Braveheart, she was driven by revenge, seeking to avenge the deaths of her husband and child. It will be directed by the relatively unknown director Gavin O�Connor.