It Was My Time To Shine…

It was going to be my time to shine – my time to prove that I am a nice, thoughful guy. Of course this runs counter to my nature as really I’m more of a selfish person, but this was the beginning of a new me! And it was all for nought.

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Perhaps I should backup for a moment. As you know, I am engaged in convincing Christian authors to sign and send me their books so that I can give them away. It sounds pretty ridiculous when I write it like that, but that is the gist of what I’ve been doing with these giveaways. Recently I convinced one of my favorite authors, Michael Horton, to participate. I have a friend who attends Westminster Seminary, so I worked out a whole great plan. I purchased the books and had them shipped to my buddy. He then took them to Dr. Horton to have them signed. But there was one caveat. I asked my friend to have one of the books signed over to my friend Doug, who loves this particular book (Putting Amazing Back Into Grace). Two weeks ago my friend wrote to say he had the books signed and they were in the mail.

Clear as mud?

This morning the books showed up at my door. I cracked open both copies of A Better Way and they both contained some sort of ink markings that I presume represents a signature. Allow me to digress for a moment to observe that judging by their handwriting, both R.C. Sproul and Michael Horton must be descended from a long line of doctors. Anyways, I opened the first copy of Putting Amazing Back Into Grace and sure enough, there was the same mark. And then I turned to the final copy of Putting Amazing Back Into Grace. And what do I read? “To
Greg, with best wishes, M. Horton.” And I heard myself wonder aloud, “Who’s Greg?”

My buddy assures me that it is all his fault and that he is the one to blame for the miscommunication. Knowing him as I do, I suspect he is correct in this, so I fully exonerate Dr. Horton. Those who know the fishy friend of whom I speak are probably giggling at this very moment.

So, what are my options here? Do I send Doug a book signed to Greg? Do I find a Greg and try to convince him that I had this book signed to him, even though I don’t think I know any Gregs? Do I hold a Greg-only giveaway? Or perhaps I can just cover up the name Greg with some whiteout and try to imitate the handwriting. What would you do?