Monergism Conference 2005/2006 is one of the most valuble resources on the Internet. John Hendryx, whom I have come to know well over the past several months, has a true servant’s heart and has created just an incredible site. It is one I turn to often when I need to do theological research or even devotional reading.

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John announced today that he is contemplating a Monergism Conference. “This would not be a conference about Monergism the website, but monergism, the biblical truth of grace alone and regeneration of the Holy Spirit apart from any human cooperation. I would seek to highlight this conference with worthy speakers. I am excited by the thought of doing such a thing but would love to hear your input and wonder how many of you would be interested in attending such a conference. It would be a conference focused on the Third Person of the Trinity and His work in bringing glory to the Eternal Son of God. That is, about the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing people to salvation in uniting us to Christ. Many long time visitors of might be interested in such a conference and I trust would be interested in encouraging the attendance of friends who remain skeptical.”

John is looking for input from the Internet community on whether such a conference would be welcome and whether you would be interested in attending. So please, read his letter and send him an email letting him know if this is something you would be interested in attending.