Most-Read Articles

Someone recently asked me which articles on this site are the ones that get read the most. I consulted my site statistics and found out that some helpful soul at Verio’s technical support center had decided to erase all statistics from 2002 to February 2004 so I have to rely on memory and post-February statistics. Based on that, these are the most popular articles:

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  1. The Passion of the Christ According to Emmerich. I believe it has been read 7000 times or something like that. Ironically, the most widely read article on this site is one I only partially wrote since a fellow-believer did the bulk of the research and writing for it. I should probably be insulted by that!
  2. Review of the Passion of the Christ. No surprise since there are 152 comments (and counting), though I think the bulk of the comments are courtesy of the same few people!
  3. Review of the Passion of the Christ (Part One). It is just a play-by-play of the movie based on notes I took (very sloppily) during the movie. I found it distinctly difficult to write in the dark. It was even more difficult to read it later.
  4. Book Review of The Purpose Driven Life since people love to hate Rick Warren.

So there you have it. It seems quite obvious that search engines are leading many of the visitors to this site as they search for whatever trend is hitting Christianity at that moment…