New Site?

I have managed to acquire a good bit of Web space and for just a few dollars can get setup with a new Web site. I am undecided if at this time I want to do that, but do have a couple of ideas for a second site.

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My first idea was based around Web design. I thought about creating a site that would be to effectiveness in design what Cool Home Pages is to coolness. They list some really great-looking sites, but many of them are far from functional. It seems that in many people’s view a site’s effectiveness is less important than appearance, but I disagree. So that is the first idea. Being a Web designer it appeals to me, but I’m just not sure I have enough passion for the idea to actually dedicate the time to it.

A second idea is to create a sort of “Who’s Who” of the Christian world. It would be a site that would list Christian authors, speakers, etc and give links to their ministries, the books they have written, information about their ministries’ financial integrity, etc. I would categorize them by various means, such as occupation (pastor, author, speaker, etc) as well as possibly by theology, though it is more difficult to assign categories to theology. I have not found that sort of site on the Net and judging by the searches that lead to my site I suspect it is a site people would use.

Any input on this? Any other ideas you can think of for a site?