New Sites

Yesterday I finished off two new site designs for a couple of Christian bloggers. As part of their package (far and away the least exciting part of the package, I’m sure), they get one official shout-out from my site! So here goes…

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First up is, home to Colin Rowley. Colin is a kindred spirit and someone I enjoyed getting to know during the time I worked on his site. He wanted me to work with those LOUD colors, and I found it quite a treat since I am accustomed to working with such soft, muted colors. On the whole I am quite happy with the final result, though the three column design does leave a small content area for articles. However, that small complaint aside, I think the design is a success. And more importantly, Colin is pleased.

The second site is Mine & Thine, home of Christine. She is quite new to the blogging scene, so I have yet to see what her blog will become. I decided to try a whole new look for this site, and am pleased with the results. The color scheme is different, yet works, and the layout is quite unlike any other site I have designed.

I have a couple of similar projects underway and will post about them here when they are fit for public consumption. And yes, I am always looking for more work. If you are interested in having your site redesigned, don’t hesitate to contact me. I charge less than you might think!