New Web Sites

In what is fast becoming a tradition around here, I thought I would introduce a few new web sites today. These are all sites that I have completed in the past week or so.

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First up is my portfolio site. For those who do not already know, my company is called Websonix. I am self-employed and am the lone employee of this company, though I do outsource a fair amount of work. I took the old site down a few weeks ago because I felt it no longer represented the type of work I am doing these days. Just recently I relaunched it, basing the entire design around a rather bizarre-looking mad scientist. The site isn’t perfect, but I simply have not had time to clean up the last few details. So here it is,

Moving right along, I was asked to build a web site for a reader who followed a link from Hugh Hewitt’s site last month after I posted my review of Blog. He and a partner run a law firm in Westfield, New York. I am quite pleased with this new design and feel that it worked very well for their purposes. So with no further ado, I present

And finally for this week, Sal, over at Sal’s Journey asked me to design a template for Movabletype. The site needed to be feminine and incorporate sunflowers. No small order! But again, I am pleased with the final result, and more importantly, I believe Sal is too! You can see the site here.

If you are looking for web design, be it a corporate site, church site, blog or just about anything else, feel free to contact me! A new web site may be just a little bit less expensive than you thought…