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People Want To See The Passion!

On Sunday my church began to give out tickets to The Passion of the Christ. We purchased several thousand tickets, buying out entire shows, which gives us the ability to speak with the crowd, give out literature and invite people to our church. On Sunday we had a few people come by the site and order tickets. It slowly increased during the week. Then yesterday evening the local paper, the Oakville Beaver, ran a full-page advertisement and an article about the church. BOOM! Within 18 hours we had distributed all of the tickets. I was receiving hundreds of emails an hour and the church phone lines were plugged. The people came in droves. As a matter of fact, we have decided to buy some more and already have a large list of people who want to be notified when they become available.

I’m not sure if people really want to see this movie or if people just can’t resist a deal. Either way, we are hoping we have lots of unsaved people go to the movie so we can meet with them afterwards and invite them to study groups and to church.

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