Proud to Not Be American

There are times in life where I would love to be American. I love and admire the confidence and patriotism that are such a part of what makes Americans who they are. One recent example of a day I would have been proud to be American is September 11 and the following days and weeks, as the whole nation gathered together to mourn and to rededicate itself to the pursuit of liberty. Watching as an outsider, it was an inspiring reaction to such tragedy.

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Today I am proud to not be an American. The nation that professes to value the sanctity of human life above most everything, has turned her back on a person who needed her most. It is a terrible, disturbing, disgusting situation and will surely be a blight on America for a long time to come.

But rather than rant on, I am going to post links to what other Christian bloggers are saying about the situation. I am sure this is a day when many Americans will reflect on the laws of their land and wonder just how this could have happened.

Dead Man Blogging reflects on Judges 20 and says “I’m told that in Nazi Germany there was a Christian church near a train station. That train station was used to load Jews on trains to concentration / death camps. During service, the church was able to sometimes hear the cries of Jews being loaded onto those trains. It became the congregation’s habit to sing very loudly, so as to drown out the desperate cries of the Jews.”

Peter Bogart challenges us not to forsake the gospel in talking about Terri. He also reflects on what he has learned. “So what have we learned? More specifically, the better question is what have I learned? My thoughts on this go beyond the right to life issue. I have no need to state a position that others articulate far better. What I learned from this is that we live in an evil culture.”

Colin “take[s] trust that our Lord is omnipotent and omniscient and will have true justice concerning this situation.”

Adrian Warnock, also an international observer, wonders how many more innocent deaths are to come. “Sadly, Terri’s is not the first case of its kind, nor will it be the last. How long before we start more widespread “mercy killings” of the old and otherwise infirm is anybody’s guess, but you can bet that it is coming. With an aging population, such actions will be seen as economically essential by some.”

Jollyblogger weighs in. “To be sure, over these last few weeks as I have engaged the issues I have seen that the issues surrounding the life and death saga are far more complex than I originally thought.”

Doug at Coffeeswirls tells us that Terri is not the Acid test.

I will add to this list as other bloggers write about Terri.