Reformation Day

Today marks the 487th anniversary of the day Martin Luther triggered what is surely one of the greatest acts of God’s grace in all of history when he nailed his ninety five theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. Having become increasingly disillusioned with the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, and in particular the sale of indulgences, Luther wrote his theses to try to begin the process of reform. While he was unable to bring reform to the church, he did trigger the Protestant Reformation by rediscovering the Gospel – the good news of salvation by grace through faith. The Reformation had profound influence in politics, art, literature and theology – while it was at its heart a Christian movement, it impacted all areas of society.

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Sadly, Reformation Day is rarely acknowledged in evangelical and even many Reformed churches. This is sad, for in remembering Reformation Day we remember the incredible work of God’s grace in calling Luther and so many others to turn back to the Scriptures and to bring back Biblical Christianity.

So today when you take some time to pray, or perhaps when you have a few quiet moments to yourself (before the ghosts and goblins come a-callin’ at your door), why not take the opportunity to thank God for the work He did in history which has allowed you to worship in a Biblical way. Thank Him for raising up men, so long ago, who rediscovered the Gospel – the same Gospel we hear and preach today and so often take for granted.