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The Faith of our Fathers

Iwo JimaThe most enduring memories I have of my grandfather involve sitting with him at the Legion Hall while he and I at a big plate of brown beans and he recounted some of his memories of the war. He was always so proud to take me along and show me off to the other Veterans who seemed to spend so much time at that Hall. At one point I even interviewed him for a high school project in which we were asked to find some primary sources from the Second World War.

I have often heard it said that World War 2 is the most written-about subject in history. No other event or conflict has garnered as much attention and analysis. It has been 60 years since the war ended and it seems there is as much being written about the war today as there ever was in the past. There may even be more. I believe a lot of the interest is grounded in the realization that the number of men who fought in the war is quickly diminishing. Veteran’s Day parades feature fewer and fewer men involved in that great conflict. It is no surprise, then, that a series like Band of Brothers (an excellent book and movie series that is well-worth the committment in time) has gained such popularity.

My attention was drawn recently to a project entitled Faith of Our Fathers which is being produced by Vision Forum Ministries. Douglas Phillips, President of Vision Forum Ministries explains, “God is giving us a special opportunity to honor our fathers. He is giving us a special moment to remember, to thank, and to learn from them. He is giving us one last moment to collectively place our children in the laps of heroes from a bygone era and to hear of the great deeds of God, His wonderful works, and His praises (Psalm 78). I have purposed to make the most of it. Toward that end, I am creating events designed to honor these fathers and connect them with the next generation. So that their stories will never be forgotten, I am producing Faith of Our Fathers, a film that addresses the role of Christian fatherhood in preparing the greatest heroes of the Twentieth Century.”

He goes on to say, “The film centers around three men, now in their eighties, each a veteran of Iwo Jima, each a bold and outspoken Christian, and each profoundly impacted by their parents. In preparation for this film, we will be joining hundreds of other vets for special events in Fredericksburg, Texas on February 18. Soon after, we will travel to several former battle islands in the Pacific, ultimately stopping on Iwo Jima with our team of about twenty-five, including the veterans who will be accompanied by their sons and grandsons. Our cameras will be rolling as these men visit the black sand beaches for the first time in sixty years, as they walk and talk about an event which I am told is as fresh in their mind today as if it happened yesterday. This event will be the culmination of two years of work and research in preparation for an opportunity which we know will never happen again. There will be no seventieth anniversary for the survivors of Iwo Jima. The few men who fought on Iwo who are alive today will be gone or too old to participate in such a memorial celebration. This is it. This is our opportunity.”

This is a presentation that I am anticipating with great excitement. It seems that it will be a wonderful opportunity to learn of the Faith of our Fathers – to learn from men who endured the unimaginable to secure for us the peace we so enjoy today.

I will be sure to let you know when the video becomes available. In the meantime, why not watch the four-minute trailer.

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