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Thursday Ramblings

“Ramblings” represents a free pass to me. It’s kind of like a “Get out of jail free card.” On those days where I am either really busy, really lazy or completely uninspired (or all of the above), I can just sit back and write about whatever I feel like. Of course I only allow myself to do it once per week or I would end up with a site like the ones you see over a LiveJournal and other places where teenie-boppers blog where they mostly do not seem to have any point or purpose.

Today I was busy and perhaps just a little bit lazy, hence all you get this afternoon are ramblings.

Web sites. I’ve been making lots of them lately. I have several of them underway as well as some that are awaiting my attention as soon as I’ve got some time. I’m even redesigning my company’s site and giving it a fresh, new look. I am almost just about through a pretty major all-Flash site that I’ve been hacking away at for way too long now. Someday I’ll probably end up redesigning this site since it has, after all, been looking this way for several months now.

Congratulations to the Red Sox for becoming just the third team in the history of professional sports to come back from a three games to none deficit to win a playoff series. I can’t say I watched all that much of the series, but judging from what people are saying about it, I probably should have. It seems that it is likely to go down as a real classic. And best of all, the evil Yankees were dealt a stunning blow that is sure to haunt their team for many years. Taking a huge win in game three they must have gotten overconfident or something, but they sure fell apart after that. Maybe, just maybe, this year marks the end of Boston’s curse.

Reformed Perspective online, a magazine targetted at Reformed Christians, has published an interesting article entitled 4 Stupid Arguments Against GAY MARRIAGE…And 1 Good One. He concludes that “…it turns out there is only one good argument against gay marriage: Since God created the institution of Marriage, He gets to decide what it is, and what it isn’t.” I got a giggle from the accompanying cartoon:

I have had several people now ask me if I have heard about a Canadian pastor who was arrested for speaking out against homosexuality. I have not heard about this, though wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. Perhaps the confusion stems from a news article that spoke about a Swedish pastor who was arrested for describing homosexuality (correctly) as “abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumour in the body of society.” The article then references Canada’s new laws which outlaws “hate crimes” based on sexual orientation. And of course “hate crimes” to many people simply means “criticism.” So while I have no reason to believe it has actually happened in Canada, I certainly would not be surprised if it does soon. Of course if you have information about this, please send it along.

My friend Leslie recently started her own weblog and has some great things to say. Incidentally, I was the one who came up with “litigating for the Lord” since Leslie is a lawyer. While it was at first meant as a joke, we both liked it so there it stays. I especially liked her article about Water.

And finally, I must say that I’ve been enjoying, in a sick sort of way, watching this American election unfold. It seems patently obvious that there is going to be corruption like never before involved in this one. Kerry has thousands of lawyers ready to go anywhere in the country on a moment’s notice to allege fraud and intimidation. He has even indicated that he will never concede defeat, but will instead fight through the courts to overturn a decision. Is he really that crazy? I suppose he must be. I am no great fan of either of the men vying for the Presidency, (I suppose I could include Nader in there, but he’s a bit of a joke) and on election day I am going to sit back and watch the fireworks fly. Of course I would vote Bush if I lived on that side of the border, not for any real affection towards him, but just as a vote against Kerry.

And that’s all the politics you will get out of me for the time-being!

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