Thursday Ramblings

Now I generally try to hold off posting ramblings until later in the week (generally Saturday), but I had an exceptionally busy day today so am going to use my weekly Rambling column early this week. One of my clients owns two (soon to be three) e-commerce sites selling CD and DVD racks and today they wanted to add all sorts of new products. Since I generally do the additions for them, that kept me going the whole day. My CD rack is filled to overflowing and I keep looking covetously at some of the products they sell. One of these days I’ll start saving my pennies to buy one of these monsters.

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I have been reading “Getting The Gospel Right” – R.C. Sproul’s excellent book about Christian unity. It is heavy reading, but quite enjoyable. I love R.C. He loves to use big words just for the sake of using them. Where most people would say “some people are talkative and others quiet” R.C. says “some are loquacious and others taciturn.” He is a brilliant thinker and knows doctrine and church history inside and out. For anyone seeking to understand the differences between Catholic and Protestant doctrine, particularly in regards to justification, this would be a good place to start. I hope to have a review of it by this weekend.

We are six days into the Olympics and Canada has one lousy medal. And of course it’s a bronze. And with our athletes seemingly finding new and incredible ways to lose, things are not looking good. While Canada doesn’t generally do all that well at the Summer Olympics, we usually at least gain a respectable amount of medals. I wonder if a long lack of government funding is finally catching up with us.

On the topic of the Olympics, David Cloud doesn’t think Christians should be watching or participating. He says they are as pagan now as they were when they began thousands of years ago. I suppose he is right in many respects. But you know what? It seems Paul probably enjoyed a good race since he often used athletic imagery, so I’m not going to go overboard and ban the Olympics. Of course I think Cloud regards all professional sports as an abomination, so he could be a little biased against the Olympics!

The Challies Challenge has been extended to two sites – Dead Man Blogging has updated quite a bit since the challenge was extended and Jeri over at Sober Minded is keeping pace. This is good stuff.

In more blogging news, Shane rocked the blogging world be announcing that he is calling it quits. That is unfortunate as I enjoyed reading his blog. The only good that will come of it is that I now have a free spot on my BlogRoll! Dead Man Blogging has the early lead to grab that entirely uncoveted spot!

And that’s all I have time for today. I promise that I will try to do better tomorrow and through the rest of the week!