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Toronto To Atlanta

It is precisely 1403 kilometers from my house to my parent’s house. I discovered that last night. It costs almost $70 (US dollars) in gas and takes just about 14 1/2 hours, though that includes a couple of quick bathroom breaks and a half-hour dinner break. Driving the I-75 in the dead of night is both rewarding (because it is usually wide open with very little traffic) and terrifying (because the traffic that is on the highway are large trucks hurtling through the hills of Kentucky and 90 miles an hour.) I also discovered that 4 adults and 2 children can very comfortably fit in a Ford Windstar for an extended period of time.

I managed to do all 14 1/2 hours of driving by myself. During that time I listened to a fantastic message by Phil Johnson which was an hour + examination of Dave Hunt’s book “What Love Is This.” It’s safe to say that Johnson isn’t a good fan, and based on his review, he has good reason for this. I have always found Hunt’s research suspect and certainly this book won’t do much to convince me otherwise. During the drive I also managed to get much of the speech together that I am going to be giving in honor my sister and brother-in-law. Now I just need to commit it to paper and work it over a few times. I consider my foremost means of communication the written word, so to do a speech is a bit intimidating. I find I communicate better in writing, but this will be a good opportunity for me to try to work on another form.

That could be all you get out of me today. I’m so tired I can barely think! I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep (disturbed by having to share a bed with a 2 year old) and am already looking forward to getting to bed tonight!

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