Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Though not a regular reader of The Door Magazine as I find it a mite disrespectful at times, I do enjoy the section they call Truth is Stranger Than Fiction. In this section they highlight the most bizarre Christian products and advertising. For example, they have an advertisment they found in a newspaper for “Jehobics” which is a Christian system of aerobics.

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On Saturday a pretty bizarre postcard showed up in our mailbox and I thought I would post it here as my contribution to Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

Click the picture for the full image.

I have to ask…are unbelievers actually impressed with this sort of thing? It’s just so…gimicky…but perhaps that is just the view of someone who has been in Christian circles his whole life. I must say I am also a bit perterbed with them calling Jesus “the original hippie.” I presume they mean that he was anti-establishment, but it certainly strikes me as a very disrespectful thing to say about our Savior. Regardless, I guess it does stand out from the rest of the mail I received and perhaps the church will see some growth from it.