Yesterday I returned from a great week-long vacation at my cottage. Just about the whole family drove up from Atlanta to join us there (with the exception of my father who had to work) and we had a wonderful, fun, relaxing time together. I took quite a few photos, though not nearly as many as my brother-in-law who is hoping to gather fodder for his upcoming photoblog.

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So I will give you a view of my vacation in pictures:

Here’s a view of the “big cottage” which was built about 60 years ago. My great uncle built it out of telephone poles he diverted from a stack somewhere or the other. He was Minister of Natural Resources or something like that and apparently had the clout to do that.

The “little cottage” (guest cottage) was built closer to 100 years ago and looks like this:

The cottage looks out over Indian Lake.

It is apparently called Sunset Lodge because we get to see sunsets like these over the lake.

I tend to spend my time on the porch.

That rocking chair is the most comfortable place in the world to sit and read. I spent WAY too much time there this week.

This is the view from that chair.

As I was looking through my photos I found one my sister took of herself (without my permission). As punishment I am publishing it right here for all the world to see.

I did a lot of reading and writing at the cottage and even managed to keep my blogging streak going (I must be getting close to 300 straight days without missing)! It was a great little vacation. And now I have to get back to real life. Those bills aren’t going to pay themselves!