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Westminster Bookstore Canada Shipping Coupon

A few days ago I wrote up a blog post welcoming Westminster Books to Canada. A lot of people left comments, which means that Westminster Books has now issued a coupon code for 15% off any order to Canada. The code is valid until November 1, so you will want to get shopping ASAP if you’d like to take advantage. Here’s a brief note from Westminster.

Thank you for your overwhelming support for our Canada Shipping launch!

Here is a coupon for an additional 15% off our already discounted prices on one order (good through Tuesday, November 1st). The coupon code is CANADA and is only good for shipments to Canada*. We invite you to give us a try.


We are a small, non-profit ministry of Westminster Theological Seminary. We believe you’ll find us competitively priced, but our #1 priority is content. We exist to serve the Kingdom by distributing high quality, biblically faithful, Christian books and resources.

We aim to influence Christian publishing by creating avenues for the best resources to flourish. We feel that shipping to our brothers and sisters in Canada is a vital part of fulfilling our mission to the church. Thank you so much for your warm welcome and for partnering with us for his kingdom!

*Enter “CANADA” into the shopping cart screen. Though it is not clearly itemized, your discount will be applied to everything you add to your cart.

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