When Switchfoot Comes To Town…

When Switchfoot Comes To Town…I go and see them!

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Just a couple of months ago I was priveleged to attend a Switchfoot concert in Toronto. At that time it was the biggest and best show on their tour (though it’s possible they say that at every show). I took a few minutes to write about the concert here.

Well lo and behold, I found out a couple of days ago that their tour is bringing them back to the area tomorrow. So tomorrow night I’ll be heading to Hamilton with my friend Dan to catch them in concert again. This time I am considering taking ear plugs, though I’m sure in the end I’ll leave them in my pocket. I see so few concerts these days that I get pretty excited about the ones I do see. So here’s hoping this show is as great as the last. And here’s hoping they turn the volume down just a bit.