Who Gets Married at 2:30 on a Weekday?

To answer that rhetorical question, my friend Francis and his soon-to-be-wife do. We will be heading off shortly to witness it. Francis is a good friend whom I have known since I was just a young lad. He and my brother have long been good friends as well. And as if getting married wasn’t good enough, he also recently graduated from Westminster Seminary and will soon be seeking a call in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

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It occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve ever met his fiancee.

The wedding is sure to bring me face-fo-face with people I have not met for many years, so that is always fun. It will also mark the first time in well over a year that I will have to wear a tie. That is not so much fun.

I should also run into a few of the readers of this site. Regular reader and occasional forum poster drareg (Gerard) is in the wedding party. And I’m quite sure there will be a few others. After the wedding I’ll be hanging out with my friend Chad VanDixhoorn whom I have not seen in far too long. Chad has been overseas earning his doctorate in England. He is also heading up the Westminster Assembly Project. Those of you who were at the PCA General Assembly last week heard him talking about this project.

Anyways, that is my afternoon all planned out. For those who don’t drop by the site over the weekend, I wish you a blessed weekend and a relaxing Lord’s Day. As for the rest of you, who are obviously gluttons for punishment, I’m planning to post some book and DVD reviews over the weekend.