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If I was faced with a desert island scenario in which I had to choose a favorite commentary series, just one series to take with me, I am quite sure I would go with the Reformed Expository Commentary set published by P&R. For someone like me, someone who has no seminary education and who has very little knowledge of the original languages, this series offers trustworthy, accessible commentary on the biblical text. I have used them in sermon preparation, I’ve used them in writing books and articles and I’ve used them in personal devotions. In every context they have proved their worth.

The set now contains 16 volumes spanning 13 books of the Bible. The Old Testament has volumes on Jonah & Micah, 1 Kings, Esther & Ruth, Zechariah and Daniel. The New Testament has volumes on Ephesians, Acts, Luke (2 volumes), Matthew (2 volumes), 1 Timothy, Galatians, Hebrews and James. There is also a “Christmas” volume that focuses on Christ’s Incarnation in the Gospels.

In the Series Introduction the co-editors make clear that these commentaries were written for pastors, lay teachers and all other lay persons. “We hope that the devotional quality of these studies of Scripture will instruct and inspire each Christian who reads them in joyful, obedient discipleship to Jesus Christ.” I think they’ve written the commentaries in such a way that this goal is attainable. As you may have discerning from the title, the commentaries are consistent with the Reformed creeds and confessions. They are biblical (committed to comprehensive exposition of the text), doctrinal (committed to the Westminster Standards), redemptive-historical (committed to a Christ-centered view of the Old Testament), and practical (committed to applying the text to people today). Individual volumes are endorsed by a wide variety of Reformed pastors and theologians (Baptist and Presbyterian alike).

Today I am giving away a complete set of these commentaries. And just to sweeten things even more, I’ve got another set of the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament to add to it (see last week’s post for more information on this site).

So whoever wins this one will with both sets–16 volumes of the Reformed Expository Commentary and 4 volumes of the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary. 

I’m sticking with PunchTab to coordinate this giveaway. A few people have mentioned that they dislike PunchTab’s reliance on Facebook. Do know that they will soon open it up to people who do not have a Facebook account. However, with a giveaway like this one, PunchTab makes my life much, much (much!) easier.

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