A Ten-Year Anniversary Giveaway

It was ten years ago today that I began this web site and I think the occasion must call for some kind of a celebration (click here for some reflections on the past ten years). The way I tend to celebrate around here is with a giveaway. So here goes! There are going to be three winners in this giveaway and each of them can choose one of three prizes. Here’s what I’ve got for you:

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Each of the winners will be able to choose which of these they would like to receive.

Gathering entries for a giveaway like this is actually a little bit more difficult than you might think, so I’m going to use a program developed for just that purpose. It allows you to simply sign up by inputting your name and email address (all your information will remain confidential) and, if you like, to earn a couple of extra entries by sharing news of the giveaway.

(If you are reading this on the main page of my site, just click “Keep Reading” to enter.)

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