Free Stuff Fridays

Free Stuff Fridays
This week’s Free Stuff Fridays is sponsored by The Good Book Company. Today The Good Book Company is offering 5 winners two 50 pack sets of their Halloween tracts and a free copy of One Day Wonders, an activity book for Children’s Ministries and families as they plan events around Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

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Halloween tracts with a gospel message

These engaging tracts take the theme of Halloween and use it as a springboard to explain the gospel to children and teenagers. A really positive way to share the good news with trick or treaters and also guests at alternative ‘harvest parties’.

Trick or Treat? is suitable for under 11s and The Fright of Your Life is ideal for ages 11-14. You can read both online.


Tips for giving away a tract at Halloween

  1. Stock up on candy and tracts.
  2. Make sure you’re home on the evening of 31st October or take them along to your local trunk or treat event.
  3. TractWhen children come trick-or-treating, give them some candy along with a tract, which explains a bit more about Halloween.
  4. Pray!

Run your own ‘Harvest Party’

One Day WondersEverything you need to run a gospel event on October 31st.

This flexible and fun Bible activity book for children and families includes ideas for games and activities, comprehensive notes for leaders, talk outlines, dramas, a section on promoting your event and much more.

Turn the darkest night of the year into a gospel opportunity! Find out more here…

Giveaway Rules: You may only enter the draw once. Simply fill out your name and email address to enter the draw. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

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