Free Stuff Fridays (BJU Seminary)

This week Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by BJU Seminary. They are giving away their book series “Biblical Discernment for Difficult Issues,” authored by their faculty. BJU Seminary equips Christian leaders through an educational and ministry experience that is biblically shaped, theologically rich, historically significant, and evangelistically robust.

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The Glory Due His Name: What God Says About Worship by Gary Reimers

Gary Reimers provides a theology of public worship in The Glory Due His Name. Traditional, contemporary, or blended? Worship philosophy may be the most divisive issue in church leadership today. Many churches simply offer multiple styles. But does worship style also matter to God? Reimers shows what God says about worship. He discusses music and preaching in worship, God’s response to deviant worship, and the characteristics of right and wrong worship. Essential for pastors, worship leaders, and music directors.


The Law and the Christian: God’s Light Within God’s Limits by Ken Casillas

Ken Casillas explores whether Christians are under the law in The Law and the Christian. Reformed theology and theonomy emphasize intertestamental continuity and subjection to the law, but dispensationalism and Lutheranism emphasize discontinuity and freedom. Casillas says Christians are both under and not under the law. He covers differences between Israel and the church, purposes of the law, and non-legalistic ways to apply Old Testament commands. His balanced exposition and interaction with secondary sources will enrich both professional and personal study. This book is essential for expositors.

Upright Downtime: Making Wise Choices About Entertainment by Brian Hand

Brian Hand provides wise counsel for entertainment choices in Upright Downtime. From sports to movies to hobbies, Americans must evaluate multiple entertainment options. Libertines insist that all entertainment is neutral or good; ascetics insist that most, if not all, is evil. Hand provides a balanced biblical theology of entertainment. He shows entertainment’s dangers, its purposes, and its place in a biblical theology of humanity. He also measures his criteria by a reading of Ecclesiastes and evaluates television as a test case. Essential for parents and educators.


Handling Earthly Treasure: Biblical Certainties about Money by Alan Patterson

In Handling Earthly Treasure, Alan Patterson presents a biblical view of finances. The familiar warning “The love of money is the root of all evil” is often repeated as Scripture’s definitive word about finances; but God has much more to say about money—its purpose, its pitfalls, and its proper use. Patterson shares biblical truth on issues such as giving, owning property, borrowing and lending, financial planning, profiting from a business, and responding to poverty. In a world consumed with personal gain and faced with significant economic challenges, this book serves as a timeless resource for believers—a Bible-based guide to making wise decisions about money.

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