Weekend A La Carte (September 30)

I am once again wanting to express my gratitude to BJU Seminary for sponsoring the blog this week to let you know about their biblical counseling programs.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Rediscovering Christian Wisdom in an Online Age)

Pastors All the Way Down?

Rhys Laverty has written a fascinating post about what the church (and in his context he is referring primarily to the UK church) may lose if we do not find a way to better support and enable Christian intellectuals.

Misreading Scripture Cross-culturally

There are some interesting reflections here on reading the Bible cross-culturally.

Sovereignty and Evangelism

Bryan Schneider has a useful reminder that God is sovereign in evangelism. And that makes our task much more straightforward.

God Takes Our Stinginess or Generosity Personally

“Any lifestyle that doesn’t align with God’s priorities and won’t hold up after death is not a good one—no matter how glamorous or appealing or sensible it seems at the time.”

Jean Twenge’s ‘Generations’: Four Takeaways for Youth Ministers

Pastors and others involved in ministering to young people may appreciate these takeaways from an important new book.

Bruised But Not Broken

This one is about getting back on your feet after failure.

Flashback: Responding Wisely to Domestic Abuse in Your Church

When Home Hurts is exactly the book I had hoped it would be when I picked it up. It is a book that will do what it promises—help well-meaning but inadequately-trained Christians to respond well to very difficult situations.

It is a sin to be indifferent to the grief of a person who is before us. It is both human and Christian to come alongside those who weep and to mourn with them. —Guy Prentiss Waters