Free Stuff Fridays (Boyce College)

Win the Gear that Asks A Question Your Student will be Equipped to Answer.

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Every student who attends the 2022 Renown Youth Conference, hosted by Boyce College, will learn how to answer the question “What is the Gospel?” Enter our drawing and your student may win sweet gear that poses that probative question to others.

Boyce College is giving away a NorthFace backpack, two Carhartt duffle bags, and three Renown mugs. Each is emblazoned with the theme of this year’s Renown Youth Conference, “What is the Gospel?”  When others read the question on that gear, your student will get trained during Renown to provide the answer that echoes through eternity!  

Click this link to register for the Free Gear Giveaway and to purchase, at a special Challies discount, tickets to the Renown Youth Conference, March 11-12, 2022 at Boyce College in Louisville, KY.