Weekend A La Carte (January 29)

My gratitude goes to Boyce College for sponsoring the blog this week with news of their upcoming Renown Youth Conference 2022.

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(Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Christian Books for January 2022)

The Founder Of Chemistry Who Loved The Bible

“In days of pervading atheism when Christians are considered to be a bit feeble-minded concerning science, it is well to consider that the basis of modern science lies in the researches of those who held a biblical worldview with God as the Creator, such as Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell and Robert Boyle.” This fascinating article focuses on Boyle.

‘Redeeming Love’ Irredeemably Exploits Actors and Viewers

This review of Redeeming Love considers one significant concern.

How can a young student of theology avoid falling into “dead orthodoxy”?

Several pastor-theologians combine on an excellent answer to this question in a video from Ligonier Ministries.

Does God Really Feel?

Does God have emotions? He does. But they need to be distinguished from our experience with emotions. This article does that well.

Losses of a Prayerless Christian

Jim Elliff: “Though God is sovereign over all things, He ordains the means of prayer. There are some things He will not do unless we pray, though He always does all He purposes.” He goes on to explain some of what we will not have if we do not ask.

Why Lewis and Keller Are Wrong About The Imprecatory Psalms

The title of this one is perhaps a little more adversarial than it needs to be, but it’s helpful in explaining some of the different perspectives among Christians on the imprecatory psalms.

Flashback: The Key To Making the Most Out of Congregational Singing

Singing is an act of community, and the key to making the most of singing is to know the people who make up that community. This means your enjoyment of singing as an act of Christian community varies with your knowledge of the people around you.