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This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by Cruciform Press. They are giving away four-book packages to five winners. Each winner will receive…

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The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity, by Michael J. Kruger (a Cruciform Quick booklet)Endorsed by Collin Hansen, Michael Horton, Kevin DeYoung.A cautionary examination of ten dangerously appealing half-truths. Mike Kruger writes, “Not long ago, I came across a list of ten principles set forth by proponents of progressive Christianity. They are, in effect, a new Ten Commandments. What’s striking is that they are far less about God revealing his desires and far more about man expressing his own. Yet each of these ‘commandments’ is partially true. Indeed, that is what makes progressive Christianity so challenging. In this booklet, I diagnose and critique each of these tenets and offer a brief biblical and theological response. Liberal Christianity never really goes away. If the church is going to hold fast to ‘the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints’ (Jude 3), we must, in every era, be able to distinguish the true faith from the false.” Learn more about The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity.

Galatians: Redeeming Grace and the Cross of Christ, by Melissa McPhail and Lisa Menchinger (Sophron Studies)Welcome to a new Bible study series for women, edited by Keri Folmar. As authors Melissa McPhail and Lisa Menchinger write, “Sophron Studies is a reformed, inductive, in-depth approach to the study of God’s word. Sophron (“so-frone”) is the Greek word for a sound mindself-controlled, and temperate. It is curbing one’s desires and impulses. As believers, we need to be women who study and delight in God and his word, women who train to have a mind centered on God and renewed by truth (Romans 12:1-2).“I know Melissa and Lisa personally and commend them for their love for the word of God and their commitment to equipping women with the truth of Scripture. They are also excellent students and teachers of the Bible. These studies are full of good insight, good wisdom, and good questions. They will serve the church well.” — Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church (Matthews, NC) Learn more about Galatians: Redeeming Grace and the Cross of Christ.

The Joy Project: An Introduction to Calvinism (with Study Guide), by Tony ReinkeEndorsed by J. I. Packer, Rosaria Butterfield, Randy Alcorn, David Murray, Gloria Furman, Sam Storms, Michael Reeves, Benjamin Vrbicek.The Joy Project is a story that reminds us we are characters in God’s unfolding cosmic story. God has written our joy into a script, and what he planned for us we can hardly imagine. The Joy Project is the heartbeat of Scripture. Neglect the Bible, and you neglect God’s Joy Project, and you neglect your own joy. The Joy Project is the boldest story ever told. It will shock you, then it will bewilder you, and then it will plunge you into an ocean of divine love. True happiness is not found. It finds you. Learn more about The Joy Project: An Introduction to Calvinism (with Study Guide).

On Purpose: Living Life as It Was Intended, by Jonny IveyEndorsed by Jonathan Holmes and John Stevens.“What am I for?” It’s a question we rarely ask, yet it’s the very question we spend our lives trying to answer. We know we must have a purpose, but it’s hard to define and harder to live. The urge to live purposeful lives is not coincidental: we were made in the image of a purposeful God. And it’s here that we find the satisfying answer to that question: we are created and called to be the image of God. This isn’t some burdensome duty. It means seeing our lives satisfyingly click into place as we reflect his humble and self-giving character. You don’t have to fear missing out on God’s purpose or calling. You can experience the joyful purpose that God has assigned to your current circumstances. Starting today. Learn more about On Purpose: Living Life as It Was Intended.

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