A La Carte (January 10)

Westminster Books says Ed Welch’s Created to Draw Near is their small group book of the year. And they’ve got it on sale for now.

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Through Cruciform Press we’ve got some interesting new books: The definitive collection of John Piper’s missions-oriented sermons, drawn from his more than 35 years of ministry (Cruciform or Amazon). And Michael Kruger’s Cruciform Quick booklet, The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity (Cruciform or Amazon).

Can Women Be Sent Out as Missionaries?

Can women be sent as missionaries? Of course. Yet… “In almost every area of missionary work, well-meaning souls somehow conclude that because their gospel labor is far from their homeland and in a culture different from their own, then the clear teaching of Scripture can (and even should) be ignored—as if biblical teaching on elders, membership, local churches, patient instruction, and gender distinctions somehow evaporates during a flight from New York to New Delhi.”

Church Kids and Church Shootings

What if instead of trying to convince our kids that bad things aren’t out there, we spent their growing up years showing them through God’s word and through our own lives that no matter what happens, God will see us through it, whether by taking care of us on this earth or taking care of us in Heaven? When we believe in Jesus, we are never outside the keeping of our doting Heavenly Father.”

Former Secret Service Agent Explains How to Detect Counterfeit Money (Video)

There are so many analogies between false money and false doctrine.

Carve Your Eyeball Out of Its Socket

“No longer reserved for seedy downtown theaters or smuggled magazines from dad’s nightstands, the crack cocaine comes right to our televisions, phones, and tablets. The porn epidemic has reached public health crisis proportions. But even worse than that, according to God’s Word, it jeopardizes our souls.”

How to Strengthen Your Son’s Marriage

There is wise counsel here for mothers-in-law. “Your love for him has cost you much through the years, and yet you know your son will, and indeed ought to cherish her as the number one woman in his life. So how can you help, and not hinder, this unique relationship with your daughter-in-law? How can you build a bridge to her heart rather than a barricade around it?”

Ten Truths about a Liar

Here are ten important truths about Satan.

How France Bought 2,000 Trains That Were Too Wide (Video)

Here’s the strange and humorous (unless you’re French, I suppose) story of how France bought 2,000 trains that were the wrong size.

Flashback: A Day a Week, A Week a Year

I am glad to have access to these devices but want to ensure that we are using them well, that we own them instead of allowing them to own us.

The law never came to save men. It never was its intention at all. It came on purpose to make the evidence complete that salvation by works is impossible, and thus to drive the elect of God to rely wholly on the finished salvation of the gospel. —Charles Spurgeon