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This week the blog has been sponsored by Reformation Heritage Books. They are giving away five sets of the following books:

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Thriving in Grace
“If there is a better short book on the strength and orderliness of the Puritans’ teaching on the lifestyle of the Christian, I have not yet read it. Thriving in Grace is the spiritual equivalent of what a taster meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant must be like: the work of a skilled chef who has a mastery of both his ingredients and the insight—usually only gained from decades of experience—into what will stimulate the taste buds of the guests. And Chefs Beeke and Hedges know how to season and garnish all twelve taster courses here with quotations that simply add to the experience of a meal that will linger long on the spiritual palate of every reader. A book indeed to ‘read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest’!” — Sinclair B. Ferguson, Ligonier teaching fellow and Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary

American Puritans
“With clarity, wisdom, and infectious enthusiasm, Dustin Benge and Nate Pickowicz introduce us to nine inspiring heralds of Christ. The Puritans are a hoard of treasure for all who want spiritual riches, and this book throws open some bulging but hidden caskets. Read and be enriched!” — Michael Reeves, president, Union School of Theology

Waging War
“I rejoice to read sound words on spiritual warfare from a pastor immersed in the thoughts of the Puritans, hymns of the ages, and the heart of the Savior. Bob Smart’s battle plan has nothing to do with spiritual sensationalism or demonic phantasms but wholly leans on the truth and authority of Scripture to identify the power of Christ in and for all who are united to Him by faith for His glory. Here is rich theology in pastoral wisdom for those who would feast on the beauty and power of God’s Word to remove fear and stand strong for Christ’s cause.” — Bryan Chapell, pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA), Peoria, Illinois

Wholesome Doctrine
“In The Wholesome Doctrine of the Gospel, Andrew Ballitch and Stephen Yuille have given us a splendid combination of a mini biography of the great William Perkins followed by a series of expertly selected passages from his pen which instruct and delight as well as help us to appreciate and love the message he preached. Here is a little book to be read slowly, enjoyed frequently, and treasured permanently.” – Sinclair B. Ferguson, teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries and chancellor’s professor of Systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary

Sum and Substance
“As we circle the massive mountain of Spurgeon’s works (the largest body of works by a single author in the history of Christianity), it is easy to become overwhelmed and wonder, Where shall I begin the ascent? I heartily commend this marvelous little volume as a great starting place! The selections are outstanding, every one of them centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. They are delightfully brief, wisely arranged, and each one radiates with the unique gift of Spurgeon to capture our sublime Savior and His great salvation in words that become living and active in our hearts.” — Andy Davis, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina

Pygo the Free
“Here is a puzzling parable. It’s likely to provoke good conversation not just with the kids in your family but with the adults who will be similarly challenged to join the debate. I wish I’d had this discussion with my own children years ago.” — Joel Belz, founder of World News Group

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