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This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by The Disciple-Making Parent who also sponsored the blog this week. Five packages of parenting resources are being given away.

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Our greatest hope is that our children and grandchildren know the Lord personally. After all, what is more important than their souls? These resources may be helpful as you seek to disciple them in the faith.

Parenting with Patience Video Bible Study  

Anger is an all too common occurrence in our homes. It can destroy our witness to our children. But there is hope! You can grow in patience.

Parenting with Patience is a 5-week, video-driven Bible study designed to help you dig deeper into scriptural truths and help you change.

In this study you will discover:

  • Foundational biblical teaching to understand what drives your anger.
  • How anger is both a friend and a foe, and how it will motivate you to change.
  • Seven parenting principles to help you see your situation differently.
  • An anger journal template that will guide you toward real changes in your behavior.
  • Twenty-five devotional studies to help you dig deeper into God’s Word.


  • Online streaming videos to help you understand this vital subject.

The Bible study workbook and the videos are perfect for individual study at home or small groups.

Watch a sample video or learn more here.

The Disciple-Making Parent

God has entrusted you with an eternal soul to influence. In today’s hostile environment, you must have a strategy. The Disciple-Making Parent will give you confidence in that journey.

In The Disciple-Making Parent, you will learn about:

  • The North Star to guide your parenting.
  • The process second-generation Christians go through.
  • The reasons young people walk away from the faith.
  • Nine powerful influences found in wise families.
  • The doubts your children will experience and what you can do.

Dr. Al Mohler said, “The Disciple-Making Parent offers faithful and compelling biblical advice for parents, reminding them that their ultimate responsibility is to disciple their children for the glory of God.”

Tim reviewed it here and said, “Exactly the kind of book that challenged me and better equipped me as a dad. Deeply biblical and absolutely loaded with wisdom.”

The Disciple-Making Parent is available in paperback or Kindle (on sale this weekend).

The Donut Date Journal

The most important part of our child is their heart. Often, we are too busy to really connect to them. Do you need help having heart level conversations? The Donut Date Journal is a perfect tool to help you create memorable discussions with your child.

In The Donut Date Journal you will find:

  • An easy, fool-proof method for connecting with your child’s heart.
  • More than 70 questions you can use to start a conversation.
  • Pages to record their answers over the years.
  • An easy plan to create a keepsake they will value.

The Donut Date Journal is available in paperback or Kindle (on sale this weekend).

The Donut Date Journal 2

A perfect companion or a stand-alone book. This journal is not more questions for a parent to ask a child. Instead it is a journal for a child to ask parents about their story. Whether you are nine or fifty-nine, it will honor your parents to learn their history.

The Donut Date Journal 2 is a fun, guided way to find out your parent’s experiences, their history, and what life was like when they were children.

In it, you will find more than 70 questions you can use to start a conversation. It is perfect for family gatherings and holidays.

The Donut Date Journal 2 is available in paperback and Kindle (on sale this weekend).

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