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The Great September Giveaway

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Long-time readers of this site will likely remember the series of giveaways I did about two years ago. Every month or so I would give away something good–usually a couple of books or DVDs or something along those lines. Well, the giveaways are back and they are better than ever!

Reformed Expository Commentary Series

This month I’m going to be giving away the biggest and best prize yet (though to be honest, the second and third place prizes aren’t too bad either). Altogether I’ll be giving away ten books. Read on to learn more.

The Sponsor

First, a word about sponsors. This giveaway and each of the subsequent ones will be sponsored by a different ministry or a Christian company. I’d ask that you express your gratitude to these sponsors by clicking through to their sites and looking around. All of them have something interesting to offer. By clicking to their sites you support them and you support these giveaways.

This month’s sponsor is Monergism Books. Chances are you’ve visited in the past. If so, you may also have made your way to Monergism Books, the company that allows Monergism to continue to exist. You’ll know that they sell good books and only good books. They take great care to ensure that their catalog contains only books that will prove edifying.

Monergism Books

The Prizes

I’ve got some great prizes to offer this time around. There will be three winners.

  • First prize: All six available volumes of the Reformed Expository Commentary series.
  • Second prize: Any three volumes of the Reformed Expository Commentary series (to be selected by the winner).
  • Third Prize: Any one volume of the Reformed Expository Commentary series (to be selected by the winner).

This is a commentary series geared towards both pastors and lay persons. You may be interested in reading my interview with the editors or in reading this article describing the purpose and value of this series. Even if these books do not appeal to you, I guarantee you know someone who would love to own them!

Small Print

As with previous giveaways, you can increase your chances of winning by referring others. Details and other smallish print is available in the contest area. I recommend you read it!

Enter the Draw

You can enter the draw here (Please read the instructions carefully!):

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