John 3:16 Conference: Message on John 3:16 by Dr. Charles Stanley

Guest blog by Andrew Lindsey

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Dr. Vines announced that he asked Dr. Stanley to share how he has proclaimed the gospel throughout the world through In Touch Ministries.

Dr. Charles Stanley:

“I’m just called to do one thing, and that’s to preach the gospel as far and as wide as God lets me.”

The church has one mission. Great Commission texts quoted from the gospels and Acts.

In many preaching magazines the emphasis is “making great leaders” rather than prayer and the Holy Spirit.

It is our job to preach the gospel, and God will grow the church as He wishes.

[Dr. Stanley related his personal testimony of being saved as a young child.]

“The message that the world is looking for is a message of assurance that our God is a God of love.”

Example of a letter from a woman in Iran who sent a letter requesting information about our God in love, rather than her God who terrified her.

The world needs Jesus.

We have a war coming a worldwide enemy in Islam, there are 80 thousand Muslims in Atlanta alone, and they hate the message that salvation is in Jesus alone.

The world is listening and the world is watching ministries in America.

[Dr. Stanley spoke of a time when God spoke to his spirit through the text of the Great Commission, which led him to a vision of taking the gospel to the world using means such as short-wave radio.]

[Dr. Stanley related the history of In Touch Ministries. This story was fascinating, but the narrative did not lend itself to taking many notes. The In Touch story can be found HERE.]

A few things that were said:
“There’s no way to lose obeying God… whatever God tells you to do, just do it, and then trust Him.”
“Today, as of yesterday’s figures, one billion four hundred million people” around the world can watch In Touch on television. “God did that.” Dr. Stanley related several remarkable ways that God gave access and funding for In Touch to be broadcast around the world.
“I’m always looking for another way to get the gospel to somebody.”
This is the first generation that has the capacity to reach everybody on the face of this earth with the gospel.
“All these theological things we’ve heard of are a vital part of our belief system and God equips us with these things not to keep, but to share.”
God wants us “with a sense of righteous inadequacy” so He can do through us things we never dreamed of.
“One of my favorite phrases is ‘obey God, watch Him work,’ because He’s going to.”
“God doesn’t give us beliefs to be happy with, he gives us beliefs to serve Him.”