Friday Frivolity

It is a little late in the day to be publishing this, I admit, but I’ve been otherwise-occupied. I’ve been having some trouble with my ticker lately, so yesterday I went to the doctor to get fitted with a little gadget that would record every beat of my heart for a full 24 hours. This required, of course, sticking seven or eight little electrodes to my upper body. While they even went so far as to shave necessary bits of chest hair, this did not make the gadget any more comfortable to wear. It itched constantly and pretty well drove me to distraction. Rolling over in bed is just about impossible when you’re attached to a box with all sorts of wires. Anyways, I just got it off and it feels great to be free. Just like when you take your car to the garage and it just won’t clank like it has been for the past two weeks, my heart didn’t do what it was supposed to while I was hooked up. But it’s doing it now. Oh well. My mother tells me she has the same condition and has lived with it quite happily for the past 50-some years, so I’m not too worried.

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And now onto matters that are far more frivolous.

Earlier in the week Michael Spencer posted a list of “Books that WON’T be published anytime soon.” You can read his list here. Among the better ones were:

Humor for the Pulpit by John Piper
Why Reading Is Killing The Church by Tim Challies
No More Mister Nice Guy by David Wayne
Nobody Knows My Name by Phil Johnson
How To Have A Successful Group Blog by Jared Wilson
It Doesn’t Matter and What If It Did? by Al Mohler

Naturally I was honored to be included. I just about wrote an article entitled “Why Reading Is Killing The Church” but never got around to it. Maybe next week. Maybe not. But I thought I’d add a few to the list.

Systematic Theology by Benny Hinn
Slain in the Spirit by John MacArthur
Tattooing: The Devil’s Own Artform by Derek Webb
Calvinism Defined and Defended by Michael Spencer
The English Standard Perversion by Adrian Warnock
Topical Preaching 101 by Al Mohler
What I Really Believe by Brian McLaren
Becoming The Woman of His Dreams by Joyce Meyers
Three Arrows is a Full Quiver by Amy Scott
Attractive Web Design by James White and the Alpha & Omega Staff
What’s Wrong With Warren? by Richard Abanes
Living on a Budget by Joel Osteen

That’s the best I can do. Feel free to add your own.