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Friday Frivolity (and a word about RSS)

There is quite a large number of people who read this site through RSS readers. I have no idea how many of you there are as you only rarely make yourselves known. But I know you exist because whenever I post the details of a new giveaway I am immediately inundated by a large number of people signing up – far more than read the site in the span of a few minutes. I think I am rambling. I would like the RSS folk to know that I will be making some changes to the RSS feed later today. I am consolidating the feeds and will be pointing them all to a Feedburner RSS feed. This should make absolutely no difference to you and I do not think you will need to update your settings. However, if you find you are having trouble with the RSS feeds later today or over the next few days, please let me know.

And now we can move on to matters that are far more frivolous.

I’m wondering if there is a danger involved in listening to a particular album too many times. I bought the new Switchfoot album, Nothing is Sound on Tuesday morning within five minutes of the music store opening its doors. I returned home, set the album to “repeat” and listened to it all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And yes, it is playing again today. Strangely, I am not yet tired of it. It was quite frustrating to see that the album is “unrippable,” meaning that I cannot convert it to MP3 and listen to it in iTunes like the other 6000 songs I have on my computer. Instead I have to use some silly little Flash interface provided on the album.

Petra is coming to town on the 14th of October. It is a sign of the times that, despite shameless begging, I have not found one person who is willing to attend this concert with me. Most people simply laugh at the mere mention of Petra. A couple of weeks ago my pastor went to a B.B. King concert. When he told me, I snickered a little. He said, “What? You don’t like watching 80-year old guys play the guitar?” I said, “Well, I am going to see Petra…”

And for the grand finale, I present to you the famous Tennessee fainting goats. That’s right. Through some strange genetic defect these goats faint when they get scared (actually, in reality their muscles stiffen so they fall over). If this doesn’t stand as proof of the failure of theories of “survival of the fittest” I don’t know what does.

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