Session 6 – Question and Answer

Over the lunch break this afternoon I elected not to go anywhere off-campus, but to just sit and relax. This was much needed and was very rewarding. Near the end of this time I was privileged to be given a tour of the seminary library by the librarian, Dennis Swanson. Of particular interest was a room containing a multitude of old, valuable Bibles and other books. The library even has a first edition of John Calvin’s Institutes in English. I love books, and especially old books, so was glad to be able to poke around and see the library’s impressive collection.

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This afternoon we have only one session – a question and answer period which will see John MacArthur asking questions of the various keynote speakers who have blessed us with their teaching this week.

Looking at the five men at the front, sitting in their black suits, MacArthur remarked that this could be a funeral and they could be the pallbearers. He went on to ask questions of Mark Dever, R.C. Sproul, Al Mohler and Steve Lawson: questions about preaching, theology, mentorship, and contemporary issues in the church. This format does not lend itself to blogging so I opted not to write about it. Though I did not and really could not adequately write about it, it was a funny, powerful, positive time. If you are able to get ahold of a recording of this session, you will benefit from it, and particularly so if you are a pastor.