Shepherd’s Conference (IX)

The final session of the conference is set to wrap up sometime around 8 PM tonight. However, it won’t quite be over at that point. This year the five speakers (minus MacArthur, so Lawson, Dever, Mahaney, Duncan and Mohler) will each have the opportunity to share issues that are of particular concern to them. Five soapboxes will be setup around the Grace campus and each of the men will speak for a few minutes, sharing whatever is on his heart. Since they will all be speaking at the same time and in different places, I’ll only have opportunity to hear one of them. Let me know which you think I should listen to and I’ll try to give an idea of what he said.

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I think I’m leaning towards Mohler simply because I enjoy his cultural commentary and would be interested in hearing his reflections on whatever issue is burning in his heart today.