WorshipGod06 – Introduction

After waiting at the Toronto airport through a flight delay and a plane change, we arrived at Covenant Life Church just after 4 PM. We found our way to Carolyn McCulley.who was kind enough to give us a guided tour of both the church and Sovereign Grace Ministries (the two share a building). I was thrilled to meet many of the men and women of these organizations, many of whom I have corresponded with at one time or another. We were sorry to hear that C.J. Mahaney is not here this week as he is teaching at a conference on the West Coast. It is always a joy to meet C.J., even if for only a few moments.

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As we were eating dinner, I remarked to my friend Julian that I hope when people think of Sovereign Grace Ministries they do not think primarily of one small component of the ministry’s beliefs. Sovereign Grace is, if not unique at least notable, for being both Reformed and Charismatic, but there is so much more to this organization than its view of the continuing gifts of the Spirit. This is an organization, a group of godly men and women, who truly seek to serve God in serving others. I have never known more caring, more humble people. It is such a privilege to have them minister to me. I am thrilled to be among them this week.

Before we even began our tour of the church and ministry, Paul, the organizing whiz behind this week’s events, handed me two items. One was a copy of Love That Lasts, signed by the Ricucci’s. The other was a handwritten little note from a prayer group in this church, encouraging me and letting me know that they have been praying specifically for me and will continue to do so through the week. These were simple but touching gestures.and ones which were very encouraging. They are all too typical of the people of this church and this ministry. Truly God is present in this place.

This evening’s session will begin at 7 P.M.