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DVD Review – Man With A Mission

William Tyndale is one of my heroes and his portrait hangs over my desk. He is a man who lived his life in service to God and left a legacy which we simply cannot underestimate. Tyndale was, of course, the first man to make and print a translation of the Scriptures from the Greek into English. His translation formed much of the basis for the eventual King James translation and in that way is still in use today and is still precious to many believers. He gave his life for his work which eventually totalled all of the New Testament and the first two sections of the Old. He gave his life for the privilege of translating Scripture. And what I most admire about Tyndale–what I would most want to emulate–is his passion for the Scriptures. He trusted in the promises of Scripture, that it is living and active, and had great faith in what would happen when the Scriptures were released to to English people.

Man With A Mission is an interview with Tyndale scholar and biographer Dr. David Daniell who wrote William Tyndale: A Biography. This book is, by all accounts, the authoritative account of Tyndale’s life. Daniell knows as much about his subject and this DVD is complementary to that book. He provides an overview of Tyndale’s life and provides many fascinating and little-known details about the man. He takes us from the years of Tyndale’s formal education to his martyrdom, focusing primarily, of course, on his work of translation which was so often done in secrecy and while hiding from the Catholic authorities.

This is a very interesting presentation and one that is well worth viewing. It clocks in at 42 minutes and, unfortunately, the disc does not include any bonus features.

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