Light In The Darkness

A few months ago a filmmaker sent me a copy of a documentary he had completed a short time before. Light In the Darkness tells about just a small part of the work Christians are doing in India. The film came to me shortly after I had visited Northern India and seen the smallest glimpse of that work myself. I found it deeply encouraging and now, for a short time, he is letting me share the film with you—right here, for free.

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The filmmakers say, “We made this documentary with the intention of giving Christians a chance to realize that no matter how dark your surroundings, you can shine brightly for Christ. No one person can light up the entire world, but we can all light up our corner of it. Together, average individuals like you and I can make a difference—here, and throughout the world.” Set aside a half hour to watch it, and I am convinced you will be both encouraged and challenged.

(Note: Once you begin the movie, you can click the icon in the lower-right to make it full-screen.)

To learn more about the film, or to screen it in your church, visit ProChurch.