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Tim Keller is releasing books at a steady clip these days. 2008 saw the release of The Reason for God and The Prodigal God while Counterfeit Gods was released in 2009 and Generous Justice just days ago. Early next year we’ll see King’s Cross.

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While the books have been published by Dutton, several of them have been followed by DVDs produced by Zondervan. The DVDs are geared toward group study and are comprised of six or eight sessions led by Keller and followed by discussion facilitated by a discussion guide.

The DVDs are widely available but as far as I can see, your cheapest option is Westminster Books. However, if you buy direct from Zondervan you do have the option of buying just one session if there is something there of particular interest or if you want to try a single session before buying the whole set.

Here are the three DVDs currently available:

The Reason for God

The Reason for GodCaptured live and unscripted, pastor and author Timothy Keller meets with a group of people over six sessions to address their doubts and objections to Christianity. Using literature, philosophy, real-life experiences, and the Bible, Keller and the group explore the truth of Christianity. This DVD will help you think about and engage others in dialogue on six common objections to Christianity.

Here are the contents of the 6 discussions:

  1. Isn’t the Bible a Myth? Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity?
  2. How Can You Say There Is Only One Way to God? What About Other Religions?
  3. What Gives You the Right to Tell Me How to Live My Life? Why Are There So Many Rules?
  4. Why Does God Allow Suffering? Why Is There So Much Evil in the World?
  5. Why Is the Church Responsible for So Much Injustice? Why Are Christians Such Hypocrites?
  6. How Can God Be Full of Love and Wrath at the Same Time? How Can God Send Good People to Hell?

[Amazon | Westminster Books]

The Prodigal God

The Prodigal GodIn six captivating DVD video sessions, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller opens your eyes to the powerful message of Jesus’ best-known—and least understood—parable. The Prodigal God is a revelation of the very heart of the gospel: God’s radical love for sinners of every kind.  Taking you and your small group or church beyond the traditional focus on the wayward younger son, Dr. Keller helps you glean insights from each of the characters in Jesus’ parable: the irreligious younger son, the moralistic elder son, and the Father who lavishes his love on both. The Prodigal God will challenge the devout and the skeptic alike to see Christianity in a whole new way.

Here are the titles of the 6 discussions:

  1. The Parable
  2. The People Around Jesus
  3. The Two Lost Sons
  4. The Elder Brother
  5. The True Elder Brother
  6. The Feast of the Father

[Amazon | Westminster Books]

Gospel in Life

Gospel in LifeIn the Gospel in Life DVD, join author and pastor Timothy Keller in an eight-week video-based study of the gospel and the ways to live it out in your everyday life. From exploring the world you live in now to preparing for the world that is to come, you will learn how the gospel can change your heart, your community, and how you live in the world. Designed for use with the Gospel in Life Participant’s Guide.

  1. City-The World That Is
  2. Heart-Three Ways to Live
  3. Idolatry-The Sin Beneath
  4. Community-The Context for Change
  5. Witness-An Alternate City
  6. Work-Cultivating the Garden
  7. Justice-A People for Others
  8. Eternity-The World That Is To Come

[Amazon | Westminster Books]

And hey, just to keep things interesting around here, I’m going to give away 5 copies of The Reason for God DVD. It’s a package that includes the DVD and a copy of the discussion guide. Just leave a comment and I’ll randomly pick a winner.