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Thank You

I’ve heard it said that when a person loses a loved one who is particularly close to him–a wife or a child perhaps–he struggles with the fact that, while his life has been thrown into disarray, the world around him just keeps on moving. His world has been rocked and he may feel like his life is over, yet everyone else he knows continues to go to work and school and baseball practice. There is a sense in which having a baby is almost like that. For one family, it is a monumentous event. For direct family members it is an occasion to rejoice, but is not often earth shattering. For close friends it is a time to congratulate and perhaps prepare a meal to help the family out. But for most people, it is no different than any other day. I’m sure any family who has had a child can relate. It is an odd time.

Of course it is also a rewarding time. Looking at my tiny little daughter I am surprised by just how much I’ve missed having a baby around. I hadn’t realized how much I love having a baby in the family. She is a whole lot of work, of course. She has already generated far more than her fair share of laundry, kept us awake far into the night and has woken us up long before we were ready. She has a well-developed set of lungs though she doesn’t often feel the need to throttle them up to full volume. It requires a tremendous amount of time and energy to keep her content, but it is time and effort we wouldn’t trade for the world. She melts my heart every time her face crumples in sadness as she begins to protest her empty little stomach.

Over the past couple of days, my wife and I have received countless expressions of support and congratulation. We have been blessed by the prayers of friends, family members, and no doubt many people who do not even know. We have been touched that you have been willing and eager to rejoice with us.

Aileen and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who congratulated us, sent us e-cards and prayed for us. We have been greatly blessed and touched by these expressions of support. It is a profound blessing and honor to have the privilege of being so blessed. So thank you. We are exceedingly grateful.

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