A Prayer for Times of Anxiety

This life is filled with many cares, many concerns, and many anxieties. It is fitting that in our times of trouble we turn to the Lord, the one who is always eager to hear us and to bless us. This prayer from George Swinnock gives words to such prayers. Perhaps it would serve you to make its words your own.

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You, O God, are all good things and every good thing.
You are self-sufficient, alone-sufficient and all-sufficient.
Nothing is wanting in you, either for my soul’s protection from all evil or for its perfection with all good.

When I am ambitious, you are a crown of glory and a royal diadem.
When I am covetous, you are unsearchable riches, yes, durable riches and righteousness.
When I am filled with desire, you are rivers of pleasures and fullness of joy.
When I am hungry, you are a banquet of aged wine and the best of meats.
When I am weary, you are rest, a shadow from the heat and a shelter from the storm.
When I am weak, you are the Lord Jehovah in whom is everlasting strength.
When I am in doubt, you are marvellous in counsel.
When I am in darkness, you are the Sun of righteousness, an eternal light.
When I am sick, you are the God of my health.
When I am sorrowful, you are the God of all comforts.
When I am in distress, your name is a strong tower, in which I may run and find safety.
When I am dying, you are the fountain and Lord of life.

You are a universal medicine against all sorts of miseries. Whatever my calamity is, you can remove it; whatever my necessity, you can relieve it.

You are silver, gold, honour, delight, food, raiment, house, land, peace, wisdom, power, beauty, father, mother, wife, husband, mercy, love, grace, glory, and infinitely more than all these.

(Drawn from Into His Presence by Tim Chester)