Great Occasions For Serving God

I have spent the past few months learning from nineteenth century writers. In the past I’ve read much of the best of the Puritans and much of the best of today’s writers. I’m now trying to catch up with some who fall between. I am benefitting tremendously. This reflection comes from George Everard who wrote in the second half of the century. He writes about that precious rule, “whatever you do, do all to the glory of God,” and says…

No single moment of our lives, no single action — ought to be taken outside of the sphere of this rule.

Our rising up and lying down,
the disposal of our time,
the spending of our money,
our social gatherings,
our conversation,
our recreations,
the way of conducting the affairs of our household,
the books we read,
the letters we write,
buying and selling,
business transactions of various kinds —
all these, and a multitude of other suchlike matters, are all to be ordered under the daily guidance of the same principle.

Reader, beware of neglecting to exercise this Christian principle in little things. Great occasions for serving God occur but seldom; lesser ones arise every moment. Little things are not to be despised. “He who despises little things, shall fall little by little.” Little omissions of duty, little acts of disobedience, as they may seem to us — may prove a great hindrance along our path. A few grains of dust, or a small insect in the eye, will often cause great pain and annoyance. A little stone in a horse’s foot will make it stumble again and again.

The Christian will find much the same thing from the indulgence of apparently trivial sins. They will . . . .

harass the mind,
destroy the peace and comfort which he might enjoy,
prove a stumbling-block to him as he endeavors to run the heavenly race.

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